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Jackson Makerspace is a membership organization for tinkerers, creator, inventors, artists and crafters wanting to create, learn and share. We are a non-profit with our IRS 501(c)(3). That means your donation are tax deductible. We accept donations of equipment, supplies, volunteers, and of course cash.

Since starting as group meeting to discuss 3D printing and Arduinos we’ve bought a building now full of equipment of all sort, just about anything you might need to make your ideas real.

Members: 24/7
Open Hours: 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Check out our upcoming events and get details about the information for each event that we are hosting. Stay tuned for more upcoming events from the Tomlinson Talent Center, the Maker Space, & The Hub Teen Center in Jackson Michigan
  • Inquire
    We Need You!

    Jackson Makerspace is a membership-based organization. It exists for and by the members. Fortunately the lease expense was covered by a generous local businessman so the operating costs are low. We only need 35 regular members to keep the lights on and doors open. That is why we need you!

  • Tour
    See The Space

    Drop by the Makerspace to get a tour and to become a member. The Makerspace is a community effort. It’s YOUR space. You are investing in yourself and your community.

  • Join
    Become a Member

    The only way the Makerspace is going to survive and grow is to have committed members doing their part. Only 35 members are needed to stay open. What if there are 40, 50, or 60 members? We can improve the Makerspace! Buy more and better equipment for you to make more and better projects..

  • Build
    Tools & More

    Access to tools, machines and equipment that most people cannot afford individually.

  • Create
    Create & Share

    A large safe work space!

  • Share
    Knowledgeable people

    Knowledgeable people who share your interest in making.

Awesome place to learn new skills!!

Great people, very friendly and welcoming!

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Cassidy Stepke
Wonderful folks. This is an awesome place

Wonderful folks. This is an awesome place that has just about every tool and machine you need to build, create or even invent just about anything. They have well stocked wood and metal working equipment, electronics equipment and even advanced sign making machines. They also have 3D printing available. Perhaps their greatest strength is the membership I've found that they have an amazing amount of information on creating just about everything among them. They also have a crafting, sewing and quilting section. The fact is if you want to build or create it, give them a visit or a call

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John Deuble
Such an amazing idea. I wish I lived closer to this place.

Such an amazing idea. I wish I lived closer to this place. The monthly fee is 35 or 45$ if i remember correctly. Which for everything you get access to is amazing. A lot of great and brilliant people in this place always willing to help and share their knowledge.

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AJ Ringer
Information about our classes available at the Maker Space, the Hub, and Tomlinson Talent Center. Check out all of our available and upcoming classes here at the Tomlinson Talent Center in Jackson Michigan
Information about our facilities and what we have to offer the community. Our facilities is unique and offers a wide range of options for those interested in creating things with art or with industrial machines. Stop in and check us out or view our facilities information here online.

Check our latest videos and media from the Tomlinson Talent Center, The Maker Space, & the Hub Teen Center. In need of some inspiration also check out our Inspiration Corner for inspirational videos and media to get your creative juices flowing.

Inspiration Corner